Dragon Dance

Our Sydney dragon dance is a spectacular performance that is sure to delight and impress the crowd. Our performers at Yau Kung Mun are the best in the business and are highly skilled; dedicated to bringing any performance to life.

A true test in skill, the routineinvolves precise timing by all performers and incredible discipline and body strength. As such, our dragon dancers are trained to the highest of standards to ensure a successful show.

Traditionally believed to be a bearer of good luck, the dragon dance is perfect for events like Chinese New Year, Chinese themed wedding ceremonies and business launches. The explosion of vibrant colours and fast paced movements, coupled with energetic drum beats and cymbals will captivate the crowd and make for a memorable event.

Besides displaying stunning choreography and complex formations, our performers are adept in many signature styles including ‘whirlpool’, ‘threading the money’ and the classic ‘dragon chasing the pearl’ movement - which symbolises the continual pursuit of wisdom.

Let the wave-like movements of the dragon performance bless you with good luck, prosperity and wisdom. Our dragons are available in an assortment of vibrant colours and lengths. For more information or to make a booking, call Yau Kung Mun in Sydney for dragon dance performances for all occasions.