Kung Fu

Get the best possible training for martial arts and Kung Fu in Sydney from our established masters at Yau Kung Mun. With decades of experience in their repertoire, our teachers are highly skilled in the authentic art of Yau Kung MunKung Fu.

Yau Kung Mun is an extraordinary Southern style, founded and developed in the Shaolin Temple of China more than 1,400 years ago. Fusing leopard and tiger styles, Yau Kung Mun literally translates to the ‘soft style entrance’, referring to the foundation of the martial arts techniques. The body is relaxed (Yau) but moves in quick and powerful steps (Kung), resulting in maximum impact.

Yau Kung Mun incorporates all five of the traditional Shaolin styles and techniques of traditional Kung Fu – the dragon, snake, tiger, leopard and crane. The system of Yau Kung Mun has been refined over hundreds of years through application in real fighting situations.

Students at Yau Kung Mun will be taught all of the techniques, applications, and principles that exist in the Yau Kung Mun program.

Yau Kung Mun regularly performs the following:

  • Internal & External Hand Forms
  • Weapon Forms
  • Choreographed Fights
  • Sparring


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