Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year in Sydney is a happy and exciting time of the year. Indulge in the fun and enrich your festivities with spectacular lion and dragon dances from us at Yau Kung Mun!

Chinese New Year is the highlight of the Lunar Year. Having a good start, is an important passage into the year of the Goat. Click the link here to see how we make the New Year extra positive, highly entertaining and especially lucky.

Our performers are sure to bring joy and excitement to your event. Whether you are hosting the first day of celebrations, a reunion dinner or the lantern festival on the 15th day, you can rely on us to deliver a performance that will impress and excite your family and friends.

The significance of a lion and dragon dance during the Chinese New Year is apparent in its long standing tradition. Both the lion dances and dragon dances are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the people while scaring off evil spirits. Be thrilled by the lively scene and make your Chinese New Year inSydney event an even more prosperous one!

Our performances are full of energy and our dance costumes are available in an array of vibrant colours, giving you the option to choose according to your taste. Involving incredible skills in Kung Fu and dance, our performers are trained under expert teachers with decades of experience under their belt. We can assure you that our performances are a spectacle not to be missed!

Call us now for further information or to make a booking for your Chinese New Year in Sydney!