Grandmaster Leung Cheung 梁祥(1926-1999), Founder of Yau Kung Mun in Australia

Grandmaster Leung Cheung was born in Sun Duk, Guangdong Province, China. He later moved to Hong Kong, where he worked as a tailor. It was in Hong Kong that he began to train Yau Kung Mun under the founder, Grandmaster Ha Hon Hung. Along with Kung Fu, he learned the arts of Lion Dancing, Dragon Dancing and Chinese traditional Bone-Setting. His advanced skills led to Grandmaster Leung teaching his own group of students and establishing his own school in 1954.

In 1978 Grandmaster Leung Cheung immigrated to Sydney, bringing with him Yau Kung Mun Kung Fu. He opened a clinic in Sydney's Chinatown and founded the Australian Leung Cheung Yau Kung Mun Chinese Martial Arts Academy in 1980, where he taught martial arts and Lion and Dragon dancing.

Master James Leung

Master James Leung head of Yau Kung Mun in Australia has been teaching Kung Fu, Lion and Dragon Dancing for over 35 years. He first began training at the age of 7 under the legendary Grandmaster Ha Kwok Cheung in Hong Kong. Master James Leung began teaching martial arts at the age of 15.

In 1978 Master James Leung's father, the late Grandmaster Leung Cheung moved to Australia, bringing with him Yau Kung Mun Kung Fu. At the age of 18, Master James Leung moved to Sydney where he continued teaching martial arts under his father. Since those early years, the Academy has flourished and has celebrated its 25th anniversary, in 2005. Master James Leung teaches traditional Chinese Yau Kung Mun Kung Fu, Weaponry and Traditional Lion and Dragon Dancing. He is also trained in the healing art of Bone Setting.

Master Percy To

Master Percy To is one of the major leaders in the Australian Yau Kung Mun Chinese Martial Arts Association. He was born in Hong Kong in 1955. His grandparents were natives of Kao Ming, a small county of Guangdong Province in China, which was the same county as Master Ha Hon Hung.

From the age of 15, he studied many forms of Martial Arts including Hung Gar, Choi Lee Fut, Boxing, Taekwondo, Wing Chun and many other styles. In November 1980 he immigrated to Sydney, Australia. Three years later, he met Grandmaster Leung Cheung and learned Yau Kung Mun Kung Fu and Dragon and Lion dance.

In 1988 Grandmaster Leung Cheung authorised Master Percy To to teach Yau Kun Mun Kung Fu and Dragon and Lion dancing. Master Percy To is in charge of Chinese Martial Arts classes held in the Chinese Australian Services Society (CASS).

Returning to the headquarters of Yau Kung Mun in Hong Kong, in late 2003, he mastered the last Yau Kung Mun form, (Yau Kung Eighteen Soft Palm) stages 1, 2 & 3 from Master Ha Kwok Cheung and brought it back to Australia.